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Selective Mutism

There are many reasons that children may not talk at school. Often, a little bit of time and patience is all that is needed for children to adjust to a new environment and begin to be able to communicate freely. However, when a refusal to speak persists beyond the first weeks of school, some additional support may be helpful.


If you are worried about your child's refusal to talk at school, use this checklist to determine if it is time to seek some additional support for your child:

  • My child has had time to adjust to a new environment at school (at least 1 month).
  • My child's teachers and peers speak the same language that my child speaks at home.
  • My child can and does speak freely when she is at home or with other family members.
  • My child does not have a diagnosed speech/language or developmental disorder that makes verbal  language tricky to use.
  • My child does not speak to adults OR peers at school.
  • My child experiences problems as a result of not talking. This might include difficulties completing school work/class assignments, making friends, or having basic needs met like asking for food/water or to go to the restroom.

This checklist is meant to be an awareness tool. To schedule a full assessment, call Bellaire Family Counseling at (713) 300-8951.

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